Galactic Backfire – A Retrospective of my JS13K entry

Last weekend I submitted my entry for the JS13K game development competition. The goal of the competition was to write a game in Javascript that fills maximum 13 KB when zipped. The theme this year was “Reversed” so I decided to write a classic space shooter – but running in reverse. You can try the official version here Galactic Backfire… Read more →

Game round-up

Here is a small round-up of small open source games I have made, but did not blog about: Enter the Penguin  was an entry for the Flappy Jam 2014 Monstruous Times was an entry for the Seven-Day Roguelike challenge 2014 Buddinge was en entry for the Ludum Dare Game Jam #30 in 2014. It was made with a couple of… Read more →

Java 7: Project Coin

Java 7 is just around the corner. Sadly it does not contain the highly anticipated closures/lambda expressions, but instead it includes a set of small language changes developed under the codename “Project Coin”. In this post I will explore the basic language changes. Strings in switch Yes, finally you can switch on string constants in switch statements!   Binary Literals and… Read more →

Simple HTML5 Todo List

Lately I have been experimenting with Ender. It is a JavaScript library with a twist. In fact the authors refer to it as “no-library library”. It is a tiny wrapper and a command line tool that you can use to construct a Javascript library from a range of microframeworks. This way you only get the features you actually need, and… Read more →

Fra LED til Simon

Here is the slides, a video and the source code from a 15 minute speed-talk I did for the Tech Talk Tuesday at OSAA yesterday. It shows the highlights of how to build a clone of the classic Simon game, using an Arduino and some buttons and LEDs. In Danish only! Slides Fra LED til Simon View more presentations from… Read more →


Stumbled upon this fantastic quote: It seems strange to have to emphasize simplicity. You’d think simple would be the default. Ornate is more work. But something seems to come over people when they try to be creative. Beginning writers adopt a pompous tone that doesn’t sound anything like the way they speak. Designers trying to be artistic resort to swooshes… Read more →